Europa United is delighted to promote this event on behalf of our good friends and colleagues in United Europe. United Europe is a pro European Organisation based in Germany that promotes peace, liberty and prosperity for the next generation of Europeans.

From 5th to 6th April 2019, only a few days after the official Brexit day, we are inviting 25 Young Professionals from all over Europe to our United Europe Young Professionals Seminar in Cambridge. But not to discuss Britain’s exit from the EU. We want to think about human and artificial intelligence and focus on how new technologies may impact us in the future. We are cooperating with the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering and are inviting young talents aged between 20 and 35 years from all over Europe and from all professions to a seminar on:

“Human and artificial intelligence: How will we live and work in the future?“

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality are likely to be among the most important innovation topics in the next few years and are posed to substantially change our lives and the nature of work. The development of these technologies can be seen as both positive and promising, but also as negative and frightening. On the one hand, automating work with the help of robots and artificial intelligence promises higher productivity, economic growth, and increased safety and convenience. But these technologies also raise difficult questions about their broader impact on jobs, skills, wages, and the nature of work. It is therefore a pressing topic of our time and paramount to reflect on it.


Cambridge UniversityYet, despite immense pools of knowledge and talents, the EU seems far behind countries such as China and the US in some key technological developments. If Europe does not just want to be a spectator but a technology leader, it must strategically use its resources. And it must ponder important questions such as how to deal with technological progress and how technology can be used positively for the benefit of society. In this seminar we will reflect on questions like: How can we reconcile technical, economic and social progress? How can we succeed in creating attractive working and living spaces? We want to gain insights into the state of the art of new technologies, how these might impact organisations and work, and how European countries can lead the way to realise their full potential.

As a prework, applicants are required to write and submit a short text (1 – 2 DIN A4 pages/1.500 – 2.500 characters max) prior to the event about one aspect of this topic:

– How can technology be used to meaningfully assist human abilities?
– What are ethical boundaries of technical and economic progress?
– What is the status quo in the field of AI, robotics and the future of work in your country, how is it discussed (in society and media)?


What is the future relationship of Artificial intelligence with the human race?

Applications must include this very text, a brief cover letter indicating interest and motivation (1 page, including the question, what you expect from this Seminar – and following the seminar, what could be an inspiration you share afterwards in a meeting with your regional economic and political leaders), together with a CV (incl. a photo and the date of birth, max. 2 pages, PDF-Format). Please send your application until 22nd February, 2019 (12:00 am) to events@united-europe.eu.

All documents must be submitted electronically in pdf format and should not exceed 2 GB. We can only consider complete applications.

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