Nigel Farage, Diane James, Nigel Farage again, Paul Nuttall, Steve Crowther and Henry Bolton. And now poor old Henry is up for the chop as the United Kingdom Independence Party goes through yet another sucker unlucky and stupid enough to be in the firing line as their leader.

Bolton is being set up for the fall over over offensive texts sent by his former girlfriend, Jo Marney who was caught red handed sending messages saying Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle would “taint” the Royal Family.


Bolton insists that the relationship has ended but most of us were not convinced and soon after, the pair were spotted together on the London Tube which sparked this incredibly brilliant response.

Twitter has been booming off on Henry and today the tweets in response to the news that UKIP has the knives out for him have been hilarious.

We had a look though the various tweets on Henry and decided that this one By Alan Ferrier was the winner followed by some superb responses.

Ooh dear, you wonder if Henry can even play the guitar.

And off it went…

But to be honest, this one summed it up.

So we’ll know in the next few days if the UKIP crowd will have yet another sacrificial lamb at the altar of Brexit. Who will it be? Well let’s be honest – after a rake of the top brass in the party already having jumped ship, who cares at this stage? Of course, the biggest kipper of them all is no doubt being lined up for a fourth term – yes you read it right, a fourth term as leader but should we expect any different? After all, it was always a one trick pony party led by a failed politician who wanted Brexit, but didn’t really want it and when he got it, didn’t know what to do so he asked for another referendum to prolong his usefulness.

Europa United’s message to the new incoming leader of UKIP is to take our advice and “UQUIT” because if it’s not bad enough being a member of the most irrelevant political party in Britain, it surely must be political suicide to become the leader of it.

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    1. I read they are losing up to 1000 members a day. Considering I also recently read they only had about 4000 paid up members, they either have a negative membership number or they do the Farage dance. It used to be called the Hokey Cokey:
      You put your right wing in
      Your right wing out
      In, out, in, out
      You shake it all about
      You do the kipper flipper and you turn around
      That’s what it’s all about…
      Next verse please, all together, all together? Oh well, all yours Nige…

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