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Welcome to Episode three of The Moldovan Coffee Break. A Europa United and European Network production.

Loredana Prijmireanu

In this six-part podcast series, we will be casting a spotlight on the country of Moldova and in particular, life for six young people so as to examine what it is like to grow up in the Moldova of 2021.

Ken Sweeney

Moldova has historically been given a bad rap, mainly due to uninformed press and unflattering travel reports, but there is far more to this country than just a post-Soviet state, and we will show this by engaging with Moldova’s strongest asset – its youth. Co-hosted by Ken Sweeney and Loredana Prijmireanu, their aim is to portray Moldova for what it really is – a culture rich country with a unique past and vibrant future.

Loredana has been sitting down for a coffee with the six young individuals over the last few months and each episode will feature a conversation with one of our interviewees.

Alina-Maria Turcanu

In episode three, Alina-Maria Turcanu talks to Loredana. Alina is a second level student based in Moldova. A young European Ambassador, Alina discusses her involvement in civil society and her thoughts about Moldova and its relationship with the EU.

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