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As of the 10/05/2017, Mr Casale is no longer running for Parliament in the Vauxhall district.

Former Labour MP, Roger Casale, has announced that he has resigned from the Labour Party in order to stand for Parliament in the district of Vauxhall and to attempt to prevent incumbent Labour MP, Kate Hoey from retaining her seat.

In a statement announced to Europa United this evening, Mr Casale has written to the British Labour Party and formally resigned as a member of the party.

Mr Casale has been an opponent of Mrs Hoey’s candidature for MP since her decision to openly support the Brexit referendum campaign. Mrs Hoey also voted against unilateral guarantees for EU nationals. In the EU referendum, Vauxhall voted 78% remain and has one of the highest proportions of EU nationals living in Britain.


Current Labour MP for Vauxhall, Kate Hoey

Mr Casale will not, however, stand as an independent candidate and will be running for the Yes2Europe party – a pro-EU party established in wake of the Brexit result. Mr Casale has also accepted an invitation of Yes2Europe to become the Deputy Leader of the Party. Mr Casale has also stated that we will not run for MP should Mrs Hoey stand down from her candidature.

This now looks highly unlikely and it is expected that Mr Casale will formally announce his decision tomorrow. Should in the in the unlikely event that Mrs Hoey will stand down, then there will be an all-women replacement shortlist. The Labour party has also stated that members can campaign outside Vauxhall if they are unhappy with Kate Hoey without losing their membership.

Roger Casale stated this evening that ” I want to make clear that I am only resigning from the Labour Party because Kate Hoey has refused to back down as Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Vauxhall. She is unpopular with the local party and her views are not representative of her constituency which voted 78% to remain in the EU. She has voted against measures which would secure the rights of EU nationals and this is beyond the pale for me. The Labour Party is an international party – It is fighting to safeguard rights not dismantle rights. Kate Hoey does not represent Labour and she does not represent her constituency and if she does not step down, I intend to replace her as Vauxhall’s representative in Westminster”.

Mr Casale also stated that “I am a supporter of the policy of all-women shortlists. There are many excellent candidates for the seat if Kate Hoey stands all of whom would have my full support”. He went on to say that “I offer a credible alternative to Kate Hoey because I am the only one who can win the seat apart from her and that is what I intend to do”.

This is the full transcript of his resignation to Ian McNicol here.

Dear Ian,

In the interests of everyone concerned, I am writing to cancel my Labour Party membership with immediate effect.

The sole reason for me taking this step now is to enable me to stand against Kate Hoey in Vauxhall.

I wish to make clear that it is not my intention to attack the position of the Labour Party, nor that of the Labour Party leader, on Europe or any other issue in this election.

However, I cannot accept that Kate Hoey be returned to parliament as a Labour MP.

I would also like to make clear that if Kate Hoey stands down then I will also stand down.

For ease of reference:

My constituency Labour Party is:


I would be grateful if you would confirm that you have notified the Labour Party in Putney.

I do not want to stand against Kate Hoey as an independent. I have therefore accepted the invitation of Yes2Europe to become the Deputy Leader of the Party and to stand in Vauxhall as the YES2Europe candidate.

I realise that this invalidates my Labour Party membership in and of itself regardless of whether I stand as a candidate.

For the avoidance of doubt, however, I will not run as a candidate in this election if Kate Hoey stands down.

 Yes2Europe may or may not runs a candidate in such circumstances. That will be a matter for the party.

However, if Yes2Europe does run a candidate in such circumstances, I repeat my assurance that it will not be me.

Thank you for 33 wonderful years with the Labour Party, 8 as the Member of Parliament for Wimbledon, 3 as a Parliamentary Private Secretary, and a further 8 as a member of the One Thousand Club.

I also have good of memories of how well you and I worked together on the Labour party campaigns in Wimbledon,  when you kindly agreed to be my agent in the 2001 and 2005 elections.

I wish you, the leader Jeremy Corbyn and all my friends and past colleagues in the party well for the future.

I very much hope that although we are now parting ways politically, we will nevertheless all remain on the same side of history.

With kind regards
Roger Casale
CEO New Europeans

New Europeans announce the establishment of an Irish branch.

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  2. […] on the constituency level doesn’t make things better. In Vauxhall, for example, the Labour member Roger Casale has announced to resign from Labour to challenge and unseat the current incumbent Kate Hoey. She is in favour of […]

  3. What happened to his nomination?

  4. I think Kate Hoey is a disgrace, I also used to be a Labour Party member, but have resigned, and moved to the Republic of Ireland to remain in Europe, and also to disassociate myself from people such as Kate Hoey, and other rabid brexiteers.

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