‘Green card’ concept for post-Brexit EU Nationals wins FT accolade.

On January the 31st, the Financial Times (FT) publishes an article by New Europeans founder and CEO Roger Casale, calling for a new category of European citizenship, a ‘green card’ system conferring rights on EU Nationals in the UK and British nationals based abroad. The full article can be viewed here.

The article has been named as a prize-winner in the Future of Britain competition run by the FT to encourage new thinking about Britain after Brexit. The article argues that a new class of European Citizenship should not be based, as at present, on holding the nationality of an EU member state but rather on legal residency. A Europe-wide ‘green card’ for UK citizens in the EU would guarantee their right to reside and work. All qualifying third country nationals in the EU would be entitled to apply for green card status. Parallel arrangements would be put in place for EU citizens legally resident in the UK.

Roger Casale will attend an awards ceremony on February 8th as the author of one of five articles judged to be joint winners of the FT’s Future of Britain competition.

Europa United would like to congratulate Roger on his achievement.

Ken Sweeney
Founder and Editor in Chief of Europa United. Ken Sweeney is committed to idea of European cooperation and supports aspiring writers and journalists.

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