New Europeans have announced the establishment of an Irish branch. Established in the United Kingdom in 2013, New Europeans is a civil rights movement championing the rights of EU citizens living in the UK. It also helps promote and educate the general public on matters relating to the EU. This is the first regional branch outside of the United Kingdom and will no doubt play a crucial role in being a bridge between British and EU citizens in the wake of Brexit. The following is a press release issued today.

The EU faces many challenges going forward – while the election of Macron in France is to be welcomed, more needs to be done to explain and promote the ideals of the EU to its citizens.

Over the last year we have seen an increase in grassroots activism against populism and anti-Europeanism, more and more people are coming to the conclusion that the EU and what we have built over the last 60 years is worth defending. With the launch of New Europeans Ireland today we hope to play our part in this new dialogue and to engage with and to build an alliance of individuals and organisations who believe in and support the European project going forward.

Coordinator Ken Sweeney said: “I am very excited about helping to start a New Europeans chapter here in Ireland. They have done excellent work in the UK supporting the interests of European citizens living there, particularly after Brexit. While the challenges and situation in Ireland may be different, we need a voice to defend our common values within the EU context. We already have an experienced start-up team in place and we all want Ireland to become a major contributor and member of the New Europeans family.”

As well as to provide support for European citizens living in Ireland, New Europeans Ireland (NEI) plans over the next year to hold cultural events and seminars to inform people about the European Union and its work. Ken Sweeney added: “while support for the EU is high in Ireland, very few people realise the work it does or how it’s organised. It is our hope over the next year to address this and to inform people on the day to day functions and benefits of membership of the EU – to move the institutions closer and make them relevant to the ordinary person.”

New Europeans Ireland will reach out to other organisations over the next year to form a network of groups that share a similar view and want to put out an alternative voice to both increasing nationalism and populism.
NEI member Keith Dunne added: “I am looking forward to working with New Europeans over the next year and beyond. I believe the EU is something worth defending, that its values are worth standing up for.

Europe has faced many challenges in the last number of years, be it economic, immigration or indeed Brexit, but I firmly believe it is only by working together that these issues can be solved. We cannot fix these problems separately and while some may want to retreat back to national lines and interests, I do not believe this benefits the people of Europe as a whole.”

New Europeans believe EU co-operation and further integration to be the only way forward in a new globalised world, and it’s only by working together that we can find solutions to the challenges we face.
The initial start-up team consists of:

Ken Sweeney – Coordinator
A Dublin native, Ken Sweeney is one of the founding editors of Europa United and is also a features writer with a number of major Irish motoring magazines. His aim for Europa United is to help to dispel the negative press regarding the European Union and he has established the project to explore the ever changing landscape of European politics and its social society in general. He is a committed Europhile and has long seen the benefits of European Union citizenship through living and working in Europe over the last 20 years.

Keith Dunne – Press Officer
An Irish native with a background in video production and media, Keith got involved in politics in his teens and has always been a supporter of the European Union and the cause of European integration. Keith believes in building a strong and equal Europe that is capable of taking a united and leading role in the world and is looking to work with others on both the left and right of mainstreams in politics who want to create a strong and inclusive Europe.

Christos Mouzeviris – Chief Liaison Officer
Christos is originally from Greece, but he settled in Ireland about 13 years ago. Since then he has been blogging in various EU/Europe related forums. Three years ago, he completed his journalism studies and he has been contributing to various online European political platforms, think tanks and blogs like Europa United, OneEurope, Vocal International, OVI Magazine, Katoikos.eu and Euronews’ Generation Y blog, while maintaining his own blog, The Eblana European Democratic Movement. He is pro-European and his work focuses on initiating debate and dialogue about European social and political issues.

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