Europa United is proud to announce that we have established a partnership with the pro-European Union organisation, My Country? Europe.

My Country? Europe’s main aim is to inform about Europe, its culture, and its people, in order to foster a sense of belonging to it and set the ground for a European Federation. Born as a Facebook page in the wake of the Crimean crisis, the team has grown to include members and contributors from all over Europe. Some of them have been friends for years while others have bonded thanks to the project. And that is what the European spirit is about. Since its inception, the Facebook page has grown from a small start-up to a page with over 50,000 regular visitors as well as a comprehensive site with links, articles and information about Europe.

Our goal at Europa United is to provide factual and honest news, opinion and conversation about the European project and its institutions. Europa United aims to encourage closer European integration through working partnerships with organisations like My Country? Europe. Our position is in the centre of the action and although the European Union is facing a number of serious issues, we still believe that this is the best future for Europe and we will continue to send our message of strength through unity.
“We are delighted to be working with the team at Europa United and we are proud to announce that we have entered a partnership with Europa United. My Country? Europe and Europa United share a belief in the same values – that the federalist discourse in Europe needs a space where to develop and grow through positive confrontation, debate, and access to correct information. This effort to improve the social media consumption and experience of Europeans also extends in support to federalist organisations, although we remain independent of political parties”.

Mauro Armadi, founder and Editor-in-chief of the Facebook page “My country? Europe.”.

And you can join us.

If you want to see more about My Country Europe, just follow this link.

If you would like to be a contributor at Europa United, you can contact us here.

We at Europa United look forward to working with My Country? Europe and will continue to provide the very best in opinion, interviews and analysis on Europe. We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all our contributors, followers, readers and partners.
Without you, we would not be successful.

Europa United
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