Ivan Kovačević is the  Press Secretary with Making Europe Again (MEA)- a nonprofit devoted to bringing the European Project back to life, and to promote our rich and diverse cultures and a stronger sense of community among us Europeans. Ivan talks here about what Europeans can do to help re-shape our union. Six decades after the Treaty of Rome was signed, when Europe agreed to start a golden era founded on unity and peace, Making Europe Again is developing a new European programme built with the contributions of every single European who is eager to get involved.

Why? Because it is a known fact that the European Union is a living mechanism, that grows and changes. We, at Making Europe Again, believe that this 60th anniversary is a unique opportunity to overcome the obstacles facing the European Union, keeping in mind the tradition, cultural code and all the history shared by the European continent.

To do this, we have a unique tool to reshape the EU: our Manifesto, whose creation has been recognized and supported by the European Parliament. We have built this inspired by the European principles of adaptation and flexibility, hoping to make a change that will last. However, we do not expect a Eureka effect, because we are aware of all the problems Europeans have been facing and we know that changes are necessary to face the future.


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That is why we are inviting all Europeans to amend our Manifesto until 25th March, when our Academic Committee will begin to discuss and review all the proposals. In April, our Manifesto will be the subject of an open debate among academics and political figures who will declare it complete and present it to Euro-representatives.

We are inviting all Europeans, regardless of age, sex, religion, education, place of birth, origin and/or profession to participate. Europe is our shared home, and we must guide it in the direction that will lead it towards prosperity and success.

With the support of the European Parliament and the many contributors in our team, making Europe again will be more achievable and reaching our main goal will be more feasible. It will be the Union that Europeans chose.
We are more than ready to make a change. Are you with us?

Ivan Kovacevic
Ivan Kovacevic is Co-Founder and Director at VIAFIK.

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