Europa United is proud and delighted to support our team member, Madeleina Kay as she is preparing to promote her project, Rage Against the Machine.

I wrote my first protest song on 24th June 2016. It was called I’m Sorry We Left EU. I will be the first to admit it wasn’t very good, but it came from the heart, including such expertly crafted lyrics as;

“We didn’t mean to cause division,
We still want to sing in the Eurovision.”
Which, after my Dad told me sounded too cheesey, I then changed to;
“We didn’t mean to cause division,
We want to help in the global mission,
To end hatred, poverty and war,
We want to go back to how things were before.”

Euro Cheese

I later reverted to performing the original lyrics after I realised that the “cheese” had an endearing quality and usually got a few laughs or consensual cheers at protest rallies. And because participating in the Eurovision song contest is clearly more important than ending global poverty and hate crime or bringing peace to our planet.

A few days after writing my first protest song and recording a dodgy version on my i-pad in the bathroom, I turned up at a rally outside Sheffield Town Hall and somehow convinced the Lib-Dem councillors to let me perform. I can only thank them for this opportunity and their continued support allowing me to perform at their social events including the Christmas Drinks with Nick Clegg, who heartily joined in with We Wish EU A Merry Christmas, wearing his fetching, blue Christmas jumper which he repeatedly assured us only came out once a year.


Nick Clegg and Madeleina

Over the last 15 months I have been writing, recording and performing a steadily improving catalogue of protest songs at marches, rallies and gigs up and down the country from London to Newcastle. I have released several singles on iTunes including the Brexit Hokey Cokey and Strong and Stable My Arse, as well as a forthcoming album with my band Rage Against the Brexit Machine.

The idea behind the band came after I met the hugely talented Peter Cook the No 10 Vigil protests outside Downing Street. I have been involved with the Vigil from its start in February 2017, an incredibly dedicated team of campaigners who have been protesting 3 times a week as well as organising events such as the Summer Boat Party and my “Brexit Wonderland” birthday party on 29th March, the day Theresa May triggered Article 50 (Brexit is one birthday present I hope not to receive in 2019!). Living in Sheffield, I can’t make it down to the vigil on a regular basis but I attend whenever I am staying in London, or make special trips down for big events such as the anniversary of the EU referendum on 23rd June 2017.


One of the many protests that Madeleina has attended across the UK

Peter Cook had assumed the role of “Musical Director” for the Vigil and his musical ability and creative talent were quite evident from the start. Live music provides a fantastic and invigorating experience and sense of social cohesion that can never be replicated by a recorded track played through speakers. Sadly, the time, hard work and effort that goes into providing this entertainment is often underestimated, and when not properly supported is usually unsustainable. I know only too well the strains of trying to survive as a creative without the financial and emotional support and networks necessary to promote and support your work. I had written quite a catalogue of songs after a year of campaigning and had multiple requests from people wanting to buy an album of them on a CD. Sadly, the costs of recording and producing an album are staggering and not something that was financially feasible, at least not alone.


Peter Cook and Madeleina Kay

This was when I decided to approach Peter, I knew he had connections in the music industry, having worked for Richard Branson and could see quite plainly he was a talented musician and passionate about Remain. I mentioned the idea of collaborating on an album, wondering if we could crowdfund such a project between our joint networks, and he must have been thinking the same thing because he has absolutely ran with the idea. He has managed to secure a record deal with NUB records for an album of songs under the Rage Against the Brexit Machine banner. He has already written, recorded and released 2 tracks: Pants to Brexit and No, Jeremy Corbyn, with Jacob Rees-Moog to be released shortly. Bruce Springsteen’s band, the E-street Band, have also written a song for the album, and the real Rage Against the Machine band are likely to write a Christmas hit too.


The front cover of the latest release

The intention of the project is to fight populism with pop music. We have seen time and time again that rational argument, facts and reason don’t work with the Brexiteers and the average member of the public who have followed this clap-trap brigade of bawling scoundrels like a herd of suicidal sheep heading for the Brexit cliff edge. Theresa May demanding a transitional deal with the EU is like adding a little jetty to the cliff edge, it won’t stop the fluffy little sheep smashing their skulls open on the rocks below, it will just delay the time before they tumble to their eventual doom. “The People” aren’t interested in seeing evidence that shows the disastrous consequences of the idealistic Brexit they voted for in good faith. Nor are they interested in listening to “expert” advice that shows a reality contrary to the Brexiteers wild and “imaginative” vision for the Brexit Wonderland, which “the People” have whole-heartedly and naively bought into. When you put these arguments to them, they are usually ignored, denied or responded to with abuse and aggression… How DARE we defy “democracy” by objecting to an illegitimately won advisory referendum, based on misunderstanding, misinformation and outright lies. How DARE we be so unpatriotic as to want what is in the best interests of our country and the European Citizens who have made their homes here, contributing to our society and economy. It’s a pointless argument with those who refuse to listen, so here lies the question: How do we get their attention, make our views heard and start to change minds?


One of Madeleina Kay’s fantastic artworks

We do it with art, music, passion, creativity and fun. We need to create something that will knock the socks off every Wetherspoons customer in the country. We must stop their mindless parroting of Boris Johnson’s lies about the £350m and we make them shut up and pay attention. Then we show them what they are missing out on: a wonderful, welcoming, multicultural, kind and caring community. We want them to see our pride in our European identity and we have to make them want it.

Please support the project by joining the Rage Against the Brexit Machine group on facebook, following them on twitter @BrexitRage and downloading the singles Pants to Brexit and No, Jeremy Corbyn from iTunes.

Madeleina Kay
Artist, Musician and Writer. A committed social activist and political campaigner. Young European of the Year 2018. Best known as #EUsupergirl.

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