Europa United is delighted to announce our collaboration with internationally renowned journalist Stefan De Vries. Stefan is producing a weekly podcast entitled Fog on the Channel and we will be publishing it every week right here. Fog on the Channel is the podcast on Brexit that gives you the view from the Continent. 

With just twenty-two weeks to go, a hard Brexit seems more and more likely. In this episode, there is Fog in the Channel of course, but there is also a lot of mist hanging above the Atlantic Ocean. Many Americans have no idea what’s going on with Brexit. But fortunately, Amanda Sloat of the Brookings Institution in Washington DC is not one of them. She is an expert on US-EU relations and just published the paper Divided Kingdom: How Brexit is remaking the UK’s constitutional order.

Is it still possible that the UK will stay in the European Union after all? Can Article 50 be cancelled at will? Or is Brexit a done deal? Parisian lawyer and expert in European law Elini Moraïtou will give us the answer, but a note to Remainers: don’t get your hopes too high.

And we’re going to speak in tongues. Alex Rawlings is fluent in fifteen languages and wrote the entertaining book How to Speak Any Language Fluently. He was born and raised in the UK but is now becoming a Brefugee
You can listen or download the podcast at the following links;

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Stefan is currently working as a freelance journalist in Paris for international outlets such as Euronews, BBC Radio, CGTN and RTL (Netherlands). As well as Fog in the Channel, Stefan also co-hosts the podcasts So French!, a bi-weekly show about all things French. Stefan specialises in breaking news coverage and analysis in English for CNN, Sky News, LBC, ABC Australia, Radio New Zealand and other channels across the globe and he has also published Op-Eds in many newspapers and magazines like The New York Times, Libération, Le Monde et al.


Stefan De Vries“I have always been particularly interested in European politics. I’m a founding board member of Européens sans frontières, a board member of Europresse and a member of the Association des journalistes européens. In 2012, my work as a journalist covering the European Union was awarded the Prix de l’initiative européenne in Paris. A year later, the European Mouvement in The Hague named me the Euro Dutchman of the Year. I was born in the province of Zeeland (the Netherlands) on the day this song hit the #1 spot in the UK Charts. The tune is as careless as my childhood was, which is not particularly helpful for a writer. After grammar school I headed north, to study law at the University of Amsterdam. After those studies, I started working as a copywriter. During the most recent fin de siècle (1999), I quit my career in the Netherlands, to seek culinary asylum in Paris. There I started working as a Design Director at Prisma Presse (part of Bertelsmann), giving a dozen of well-known French magazines their first websites. A few years later I decided to pursue my dream: I went to Hollywood to study cinema. Here I completed the director’s course at the New York Film Academy. Once back in Paris, I was hoping to become the next Steven, or rather Stefan Spielberg. But alas, my film career never really took off. This gave me plenty of spare time to enroll at the Sorbonne in Paris. A couple of years later I graduated cum laude (which sounds more impressive than it actually is) in Art History and Archaeology. Finally, in 2005, I became a full-time journalist.”

It is a goal of Europa United to work with professional journalists just like Stefan to help us integrate our work with the international media from all levels. We look forward to working with Stefan in promoting our shared values about Europe and the future of the media industry.

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