The European Parliament proposed today that the next European elections could be held between May 23-26 next year. This date will coincide with  the scheduled exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

It’s believed that dates have been agreed following a meeting of European Parliament political group chairs. The final decision is expected  in the coming months once  consultation with the Parliament has concluded. While the Parliament now 751 deputies, that number could be lowered should the Brexit procedure end before March 2019. Britain currently has seventy three MEPs but the Parliament recently proposed the twenty two of these places to be reallocated between other Member States and other fifty one seats to be abolished. Smaller member states like Ireland are expected to get between one and three seats of the twenty two which will mean that some states may need to work in boundary changes.


The United Kindom’s MEPsA recent proposal by French President Emmanuel Macron the creation of transnational lists was dismissed however the fifty one seats could still return should further enlargement of the European Union take place.

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