Here is a message from our founder and Managing Director, Ken Sweeney.

Where else can you listen to a young Italian talking about her work as an astronaut on the international space station, a lively podcast debate about European current affairs, read first hand reminiscences of travelling Europe in a Trabant and then hear all about world beating research that delves the deepest questions about where you, we and our universe come from? All for free.

Freely available to all, whether they can pay or not, is to Europa United as important as giving both sides of a debate. It is what makes us, and Europe, democratic.

We are a happy team of oddballs from diverse walks of life – not to mention our great contributors from all backgrounds. We love what we do so much that we give our time for nothing. Sometimes we dip into our pockets.

Our many podcasts series

We do the best we can with what we have, but our resources are limited. If we had more, we would do more. We have no shortage of original projects to share with you – that you won’t find anywhere else.

We know you will agree that this work should be free so everyone can benefit from it. So if you are one of the lucky people who can afford a small donation, you know that you’ll be helping people who share your belief in European democracy so that they can share them too.

One of our most important parts or our mission is to support aspiring writers and journalists of all ages and backgrounds. We want to give our contributors the best support – be it advice, promotion or just ideas and we will continue to do this because we love it. Nothing gives the team at Europa United more joy than to see yet another new contributor publish an amazing article with us. We have so may ideas and with help form you, we can expand the concepts to give our contributors even more support.

We have exciting ideas about our podcast series. We want to bring new and refreshing stories – sometimes from people on the extreme edge of the European sphere but still with a story to tell and just as important. We want to attract leading figures in the European conversation and bring the debate to you in a more interactive way.

We think that all of what we do is worthwhile. If you agree, then here is how you can help.

You can donate directly to our organisation by clicking in the link below. Any amount that can be spared is very appreciated and will go towards the day to day running of Europa United as well as investment in exciting new projects

Thank you for following us and we look forward to many more exiting projects that you will enjoy.

Ken Sweeney

Managing Director
Europa United Media

Europa United
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