Europa United was established in August 2016 by Martina Brinkmann, Adam Snygg and Ken Sweeney. Our original aim was for it to be a portal for the three people who were interested in writing about Europe. Since then it has grown into a team of writers from across Europe who regularly contribute to the project with opinion pieces. Without their contributions, Europa United wouldn’t be half the success it is now. We want to take the opportunity to introduce you to them as well as thank them for all the hard work they continue to do. We’ve also given our logo a revamp and we hope you like it. It was deigned by Alan Ward and if you want to get in touch with Alan, you can contact him via his email at alanjayward@gmail.com.

Our Team
Martina Brinkmann
German businesswoman who studied political science, history and economy in Trier, Germany and travelling a lot around. Co-founder and editor at Europa United.
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Adam Snygg (Eisenblume)
25 year old masters student of history, guide at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Europeanist, federalist, proponent for solidarity, unity and liberation from oppression. Adam is also a co-founder and editor of Europa United and is best described as our moral compass.
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Ken Sweeney
Born and raised in Ireland. A lover of cars, rugby and European politics. Freelance writer and co-founder and editor of Europa United. Ken loves the idea of freedom of movement and is a committed Europhile.
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Madeleina Kay (Alba White Wolf)
Madeleina is our woman on the street when it comes to Brexit and EU issues. She has been a constant campaigner along with her dog, Alba and is a publisher, writer and songwriter.
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Brian Milne (brianmilne1048)
Brian is a social anthropologist who specialises in the human rights of children. He has worked on, written and published on citizenship and generally best known as an ‘expert’ on the human rights of children. Brian an internationalist and supporter of the principle of European federalisation.
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Tomas Ambra
Tomas is a researcher with a background in Geography developing certain applications in the field of applied economic sciences. Tomas joined Europa United due to the growing populism in our European society. Tomas has lived, studied and worked across Europe, and it is the EU that enabled him to do so. “The EU is a beacon of hope and is worth fighting for! Joining Europa United means playing a role in counter-balancing the negative perception of the EU so that we do not go backward, but forward”.
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Nicolò Ancellotti (nickanc)
Math student at the University of Padua, Nicolò loves to play cello in free time. A person of diverse and multifaceted interests, he is a committed Europeanist and a mostly inactive Wikipedian.
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Divine Gonsalves
Divine is originally from the United Arab Emirates and is now based in south Wales, United Kingdom. She is currently studying English and Creative Writing at the University of South Wales and regularly writes about the European institutions.
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Steve DuBois (siobudms)
Retired IT professional. Studied at Imperial College, the London School of Economics and Political Science and Hatfield Polytechnic. Bit of a polymath with main interests being music (collecting but not much performing), poetry, culture, computing, carpentry, cooking, rambling, swimming, whisky and wine … history and of course politics.
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Stuart Kirk
From Nottingham, England, Stuart is currently finishing up a Master’s degree in Interpreting and Translation and is very active as a member of the Green Party of England and Wales. Stuart speaks French, Russian and Spanish and has a keen interest in the European project and its future.
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Jose A M Macedo
Jose is based in the Azores Islands, Portugal and is an independent PhD researcher in Plant Ecology. He holds a Doctorate in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution by the University of Porto, Portugal. Jose is passionate writer about European issues across the continent and he is also naturally interested in climate change impacts in biodiversity at a global scale.
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Christos Mouzeviris (chriseblana)
One of our newest members, Christos is originally from Greece but he settled in Ireland about 14 years ago. Since then he has been blogging in various EU/Europe related forums. Two years ago he completed his journalism studies and he has been contributing to various online European political platforms, think tanks and blogs like OneEurope, Vocal International, OVI Magazine, Katoikos.eu and Euronews’ Generation Y blog, while maintaining his own blog, The Eblana European Democratic Movement. He is pro-European and his work focuses on initiating debate and dialogue about European social and political issues.

Milen Marinov
Originally from Vidin in Bulgaria, Milen is currently based in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK. With a masters degree in History- Bulgaria and the Balkans in the European frame, bachelor degree in Literature and Linguistics – Slavic languages, Milen is a journalist with more than 5 yeas experience in Bulgarian media.

Oliver H Schmidt
Oliver is German born and raised  and is passionate about human growth, innovation and entrepreneurship. Oliver studied Psychology and has over 15 years experience in HR management with one of the most globalized and innovative companies of the world. Oliver also spent 2 years of his life in the city in which the founding fathers of the United States declared once their independence, in Philadelphia, United States of America. Oliver is passionate about Europe – “Never before in its entire history has the European Union been challenged as today, in 2016. However, the idea of peace, freedom and welfare for all citizens of the Union is still very much worth to be protected”.

Our Partners
From time to time, we work with our partners across Europe who provide us with information, updates and press releases on local issues or within their movements or organisations. Please take the time to take to take a visit to their websites.

New Europeans
New Europeans is a pan-Europe pro-European Union (EU) civil society organisation founded in June 2013 by former Member of the British Parliament (MP) for Wimbledon, Roger Casale. Founded and based in the United Kingdom, the organisation seeks to expand across Europe. New Europeans campaigns for the promotion of European values, the protection of European’s rights and fixing the information asymmetry that exists with regards to the European Union. Above all, New Europeans seeks to engage the people of Europe and provide a platform for EU citizens.


National Federation of Cypriots in UK
The National Federation of Cypriots in the United Kingdom is the representative body and the acknowledged voice of the largest and most significant community of Cypriots outside of the island itself. It is an umbrella organisation representing the Cypriot community associations and groups across the United Kingdom and, as such, it leads and co-ordinates the activities of more than 300,000 Britons of Cypriot origin.


Making Europe Again
Making Europe Again (MEA) is a non-profit organisation devoted to bringing the European Project back to life, to promote our rich and diverse cultures and a stronger sense of community among us Europeans. Ivan Kovačević is writing on behalf of MEA.


The European Organisation of Military Associations
The European Organisation of Military Associations (EUROMIL) is the voice of European soldiers on an international level. Its core mission is to promote the professional and social interests as well as the fundamental rights and freedoms of European soldiers.


Our media projects
In 2017, Europa United was invited to be a media partner for two exciting projects that are taking place this March. We are also incredibly proud to support a European citizen who is attempting an amazing feat in the name of European solidarity and a worthy cause in summer 2017.

The Rome Manifesto
United Europe, together with the German-Italian Center for European Excellence Villa Vigoni and Stiftung Mercator present the “Rome Manifesto,” a document setting out the next generation’s views and proposals for the future of Europe.

March For Europe 2017
On 25 March 2017, March For Europe will be organising thousands of European citizens to march in Rome to ask for a stronger, more united and more democratic Europe. Europeans from all across the continent are invited to join the biggest pro-European gathering to oppose national divisions and show their support for the European project The March coincides with the 60th anniversary of the European Economic Community.
Euro Cross
In July of 2017, Ralph Mesquita will be attempting to run from Nordkapp in Norway to Tarifa in Spain in less than 80 days. Ralph is keen to raise awareness for obesity and so he is dedicating this run to the illness. Europa United is a proud supporter of Ralph and we will be covering his attempt via our Facebook page and website.You can log onto Ralph’s website or donate directly.

Europa United is an ever expanding project and we will be announcing some new writers in the next few weeks as well as some exciting projects that will enable you to meet our team face to face. We wish to thank you for joining us and we truly hope that you will continue to follow us both here and on our platforms on Twitter and Facebook.

Europa United
This is the official profile for Europa United. Press releases and official commentary will be released through here.

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