Christos Mouzeviris

Europe is beautiful, a fascinating continent that captured my imagination since my first trip to Germany at the age of 19. I was working in Greece’s tourism industry back then and meeting people from all over the world, gave me a taste for traveling and expanding my horizons.

GPO Dublin

By the age of 26 I was living in Dublin, which became my springboard base for an increasing number of travels across the continent. I am now 41 and I am still exploring, visiting places, cities, towns and places of interest in Europe.

Kaunas Lithuania

With these pictures I aim to make you see our continent through my eyes and perhaps, even inspire you to explore as much as possible, this truly amazing and diverse place on earth. It is our home and we should familiarize ourselves with other cultures, which we share with Europe with.

Santorini Greece

In the coming months Europa United will be publishing a number of galleries from Christos collections of images from his travels across Europe so stay in touch.