In what may be the most important European elections since the aftermath of the Second World War, the whole of EU is going to the polls between the 23rd and 26th of May and we will be right there covering the whole event.

Europe is facing a number of vast changes with the pressure of Brexit, the refugee crisis still not resolved, the constant threat of recurring recession and the rise of populist nationalist parties across the member states. There is also the ongoing involvement of fake news as well as the possibility of outside interference.

All of this has made this years elections like no other and although there are those out there who will be pushing a  particular agenda, the main issue for us here at Europa United is that people will vote and that it will be an informed vote. And it is for this reason that we will be embarking on an extensive set of articles and opinion pieces as well as our team talking to leading figures in politics, the media, economy and society. We’ll also be joining forces with our networking partners and making sure that as much information is available to you.

Europa United will be extending our social media reach with a dedicated Twitter channel that you can follow here as well as a Facebook group where you can engage with us and each other on issues directly relating to decision week this coming May.

We will  be working with the European Parliament here in Ireland as partners in the official campaign known as #ThisTimneImVoting and this will mean access to the latest information surround the elections right up the end of the last day of campaigning.


The official EU campaign for the European Parliament Elections 2019In next few weeks, you will be able to download our information packs on all of the groups and parties in the European Parliament and you will have access to the workings of the groups, their ideologies and their MEP’s who will be representing them in the elections this May. We want this information to help you make a decision based on facts rather than headlines. We won’t tell you who to vote for but we will ask you to vote because we believe that choosing to vote is far more important than choosing who to vote for.

So stay tuned for more from us here as we have lots more planned in the run  up to the the election week and remember, don’t forget to check the register to make sure that you are eligible to vote because more than ever, you are the vital cog in the future of the EU.

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