A message from our chief website editor, Ken Sweeney on the future of Europa United and to launch our crowdfunding appeal.

Dear fellow friends, colleagues and followers,

As many of you already know Europa United has been flourishing for the last two years with considerable success and recognition. When we started the project, we had no idea just how popular the concept of providing a writers’ platform on European issues would be. We now have over twenty contributors and a regular publishing of two to three articles per week. Our current readership is in the regions of ten to fifteen thousand per month. This has been mainly down to our extensive work sharing each publication on social media, in particular, on Facebook. The process has been very successful, resulting in many hits on our website and, more importantly, many readers for our articles and our hardworking authors. Recently we attend the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium in Potsdam which was annual media event hosting the leading figures of Europa journalism and press as well as representatives from think tanks around  the world. It was an amazing opportunity for Europa United to attend and it is a testimony to the work of of the team in building up our reputation.

Why we are here

  • We wish to encourage the debate on further European integration through our publications and other activities.
  • We want Europa United to provide a public service platform beyond the light speed of social media.
  • We wish to speak for democracy and respect freedom of speech.
  • It is vital for us to widen the debate about Europe beyond the bubbles of European focus.
  • We want to be disruptive to social media while complimenting professional outlets.
  • One of our primary goals is to source talent and encourage those who wish to write about Europe.
  • We want to give people an opportunity to write regardless of their background or qualifications.

Our goals

  • We wish to evolve the concept of democratic journalism.
  • To promote and work under gender balance rules.
  • We want to encourage personal stories, but avoid rants.
  • To be a real social media outlet for European citizens.
  • We comment rather than just report – step back from the initial story and asses the aftermath.
  • To build our current ability to speak with the voice of a real transnational European team.
  • To become a leading civil society media organisation in Europe.
  • We want to provide rational, but rival opinions on European issues.
  • To defend the Europe we live in, but not make excuses for it.
  • To be valued and trusted as voice of the citizens of Europe.
  • To remain non-profit and encourage volunteering.

We now need your help

As a small civil society non-profit media organisation we do not currently qualify for any European media grants due to our size. However, we are determined to build on our presence, as well as to continue to provide a support portal for aspiring writers and commentators and to allow more open discussion on Europe and the EU. At present, all our day to day running costs are personally covered by our team and we have no additional sources of funding.

So how can you help?

We have set up a crowdfunding initiative to enable us to build a purpose built media website that will become a leading portal for writers and commentators on Europe. It will be a source of a wide of range topics, downloads, podcasts and videos and will most importantly, allow us to have many more publications which means more writers being given an opportunity to publish their work. Funding would also enable us to carry out vox-pop videos, as well as interviews and reports.

You can go to the direct crowdfunding page here.


One of our design proposals

Some of our design  proposals for our new media portal

If you do not wish to use the Gofundme account, you can also donate directly to our organisation using the link here. When you click “donate” you will be brought to a secure link where you can make your donation though PayPal. Your money will go towards maintenance of our website, funding for live events, seminars as well as workshops for citizens who wish to participate more in Europe.

Our future

2019 is a big year for us at Europa United – We will continue to recruit volunteers to help directly expand the project beyond its original website concept through podcasts, workshops, live events and seminars. We will also be looking to develop pan-European partnerships with like-minded organisations and businesses, so please feel free to contact me directly if you have any suggestions, proposals, or if you would like to volunteer your services or expertise to help enhance our organisation. While we know that Europa United will flourish further, we will not lose focus on our original concepts – to give ordinary citizens a platform to talk about Europe and to encourage people to write more often. I hope that you will all be in agreement that Europa United is an interesting and exciting project and that you would be willing to help us get to the next stage. I also want to sincerely thank all of you who have already helped us, be in small advice or collaborative work with the project – without you, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Lastly, I know that that some of you have already given us great ideas on how to develop Europa United and I will always welcome further suggestions, be they small or large, so please feel free to contact me at info@europaunited.eu.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your comments or feedback.

Ken Sweeney
Website Editor & Co-founder
Europa United

Europa United
This is the official profile for Europa United. Press releases and official commentary will be released through here.

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