When we received the email from Sabine Sasse, managing director of United Europe, asking us if we would be interested in developing a collaboration between both our organisations, we were absolutely delighted. All of the team at Europe United are great fans of the Hamburg based organisation for quite a while and the offer of developing a working relationship with them is very exciting.


Two organisations similar in many waysEstablished as a non-profit association in 2013 by prominent European business people, politicians and analysts, United Europe was initiated by Wolfgang Schüssel, the former Austrian chancellor who as president now heads the organisation, and Jürgen Grossmann, a German entrepreneur, who serves as treasurer. United Europe want to build a Europe that can ensure peace, liberty and prosperity for the next generation of Europeans and it wants Europe to remain competitive in the world – ideologically, politically and economically.


Sabine Sasse Managing Director of United Europe.

And while United Europe may have a more corporate background and our organisation may be more citizens based, our aims are similar in many respects and both of us believe that we can work together to achieve common goals. We have been approached by many groups, political movements and organisations with a view to partnerships and collaborations and to be honest, we have been choosy with whom we decided to work with but with United Europe, we always knew that they would be one of our ideal partners.

Already, you will see many of our publications on the United Europe website and from 20th to 21th April, Europa United’s Luca Contrino will be joining 25 other young talented professionals from all over Europe who will gather in Freiburg, Germany for the Young Professional Seminar to learn how policy, lawmaking and how contracts are devised in the EU as well as finding out the importance of a functioning regulatory policy.

Participants from 19 European countries such as Albania, Azerbaijan, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Spain, and Hungary amongst others will be in attendance. These attendees represent a wide array of professional backgrounds and experiences, from senior consults to political analysts and journalists. Four workshops will be lead by experienced employees of the Centre for European Policy (CEP) who deal with EU-institutions and law making, the Euro-crisis, EU Energy and Climate Policy and the Brexit. The seminar will be officially opened by Prof. Dr. Horst Weitzmann, Chairman of the board and co-partner of Badische Stahlwerke Kehl while the workshop will be opened by a debate and a discussion with Dr. Andreas Schwab, member of the European Parliament.


Europa United’s Luca ContrinoThe seminar takes place in cooperation with the Wilfried-Guth-Stiftungsprofessur für Ordnungs- und Wettbewerbspolitik and the Centre for European Policy in the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg. The aim of United Europe’s Young Professional Seminars is to spread the idea of Europe, discuss problems and advantages and to win the younger generation over to an idea of a united, competitive and diverse Europe.



“I am representing Europa United at the seminar in order to contribute our knowledge and opinions as well as what we believe could be beneficial for institutional reforms going forward. It is also an exciting opportunity to meet other young Europeans whose work or study is dedicated to the European project and likely to shape the Union’s future, so it’s important to make sure that Europa United has a voice in this process. I expect a weekend that will challenge us and demonstrate the great ideas that healthy debate on complex issues can produce. I look forward to meeting my fellow participants and bringing forward the discussion on this unique Union’s future!”

Luca will be providing us with a report on the event and we very much look forward to getting his feedback on what is a great opportunity for Europa United. We are also looking forward to many future collaborations with United Europe so watch this space. Through our work, Europa United has its finger on the pulse of European developments and we know our team can provide valuable insight on many levels.

If you would like to know more about our partners United Europe, you can visit their website here.

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Europa United
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