Europa United is delighted to announce our partnership with the European Future Forum – a network dedicated to providing  opportunities for pan European development and collaboration.

It can be difficult for a non profit organisation to operate in the realm of the media, especially when the business model is primarily a profit one. So most of the time, our organisation depends on the goodwill of our volunteers and we are eternally grateful for their contributions.

As a  media organisation, even though we are non profit, it’s vital that we connect with other like minded organisations across Europe be they non profit or professional and we are delighted to have embarked on a networking agreement with the European Future Forum.

We do get a lot of proposals from organisations and individuals but many of them require us to get involved in specific campaigns or endorse something that we feel will eliminate our ability to be non partisan so we are always careful when it comes to working in cooperation.

Also, as a small organisation based primarily in Ireland, it can difficult for us to network across the continent. We believe that there is simply far too much focus on the many hundreds of organisations based in Brussels – the capital of the EU and it is our experience that this can be a problem in both getting recognised and being supported if you are not based there. The fault lies not in the organisations themselves but in the way the EU is presenting itself and we are bucking this trend by not only promoting ourselves as an Irish organisation but as an organisation that is a part of the wider EU rather than the Brussels bubble.

In the EFF, we found a partner that clearly understood this issue and we intend to work with them to build up a pan European network that will allow organisations across the continent to work together in sourcing funding, developing projects and hosting events – all the types of concepts that Europa United wants to invest in as well as continuing to provide high quality journalism with a citizens’ perspective.

Over the next few months our plan is to share our work within the networks as well as pool our efforts in the forthcoming campaigns for the European Parliamentary Elections which will be taking place in May.

We hope you will take the time to have a look at the great work that the EFF is currently undertaking and show them as much support as you have shown us over the last few years. We at Europa United are looking forward to busy cooperative effort with lots of new ideas and projects on the horizon.

Thanks for visiting our site. Did you enjoy this article? If so, don’t forget to share our work as we totally rely on you spreading the word on Europa United. All our writers are volunteers and we appreciate any help in getting our articles to a larger audience. Maybe would also like to also help us to maintain our organisation by making a donation here.

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