On the 9th of May Europa United has been invited to attend an international citizens dialog and we want to use this opportunity to give you a voice in Europe.

Europe is ever changing, imperfect, sometimes in crisis and sometimes in favour but above all, it is ever present in our lives . How we view the EU is vital to those who represent us at the many levels, be it local or international. We want to use the 9th of May as an opportunity to speak for all of us and show the EU that civil society has the power to change for the good.
And we at Europa United want to provide a platform for you to get your message to the right ears.

So here is what you can do…

Write a brief paragraph, no more than 100 words telling us what Europe and the EU means to you. A little hint – give us something personal and important – don’t dwell on the politics and concentrate on the everyday aspects that are important to you.

Once you are happy with what you’ve written, send it to us at info@europaunited.eu.

We’ll do our best to include it in an article that will be published this week so hurry as time is short.

So here’s to many more years as European citizens and let’s get together and tell the EU why we are citizens and why Europe and the EU is so important to us.

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