As we celebrate Europe Day, Ireland, one of the EU’s most loyal member states, has reaffirmed its commitment to the union with a staggering ninety two per cent EU membership approval rate according to the latest European Movement Ireland Red C poll.

The annual survey results announced this week have dealt a killer blow to the Irexit campaign with Irish people clearly showing their desire to remain as part of the European project. A number of questions were in the survey including asking if Ireland should also leave the European Union given that the United Kingdom has decided to go. The result was no surprise with eighty seven percent disagreeing while only eleven percent saying yes to Ireland following the UK.

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Another interesting finding was that when asked if Ireland should be part of increased EU defence and security co-operation, over fifty nine percent agreed against thirty three percent saying no with eight percent in the don’t know section. An unusual outcome considering Ireland’s neutral stance.

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When asked if the UK should stay in the EU Single Market and the EU Customs Union, a resounding seventy three percent said yes while only sixteen percent said no with an eleven percent unsure.

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But probably the most interesting finding was that when polled on a united Ireland arsing as a result of Brexit, there was an even split between yes and no with both camps coming in at forty four percent while twelve percent didn’t know.

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Overall, the result of the annual poll while no surprise, was encouraging to see a rise in the approval figures over previous years and has provided a clear sign that Ireland is going it alone in Europe and no longer seen to be following the UK lead – something that it cannot afford to do anyway.

And given the recent turmoil in Westminster with the House of Lords throwing a gigantic spanner in the Brexit works, it is still a difficult task ahead in trying to square a circle with regards to the border on the island of Ireland. The Irish have stated their position quite clearly which is firmly in team EU and it must be made clear to all those involved in the negotiations on the EU side that no compromise can be accepted that will damage Irish interests in Europe.

Ireland compromised in 2009 by not burning bondholders and accepting horrendous bail-out terms and even after that heavy price was paid, this poll shows its commitment to Europe. Let’s hope this message is heard loud and clear in Brussels and London.

All images and survey results are courtesy of European Movement Ireland.  We kindly ask that you take a visit to their excellent website.

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