Failure by the UK and EU to secure immediate safeguards for transnational EU citizens is causing psychological harm and is a potential violation of human rights.

This can and must be stopped now by unilateral action on both sides independently of any decision to proceed to the next stage of negotiations.
The EU has made it clear that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” and that there can be no ring-fencing of a deal on citizens’ rights.
So an agreement to proceed to the next stage of negotiations does little to alleviate the uncertainty felt by 5m EU27 citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU now.

Most of the rights of British citizens resident in Europe are considered “outside the scope” of this preliminary agreement and remain subject to the outcome of the next phase of negotiations.

We renew our call to the European Council to recognise that the EU has a duty of care towards British citizens in the EU who are still EU citizens.
Independently of the negotiations, the Council should now move to protect the rights of UK citizens in the EU by requesting a draft directive from the Commission to secure the rights of UK nationals in the EU on human rights grounds.

We renew our call to the UK government to bring forward now the legislation it will use in the forthcoming Immigration Bill to secure the rights of EU27 citizens in the UK.

We call on the European Parliament to renew its pledge to veto any final deal which does not ensure the status quo in relation to citizens’ rights and to demand that measures needed to secure the rights of Britons in Europe must be taken now.

​The preliminary withdrawal agreement on citizens rights must then be updated to secure in perpetuity all the rights of EU27 citizens in the UK and Britons in the EU on the date the UK leaves the EU.

New Europeans and the Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Europe will hold the second meeting of its standing conference on the human rights impact of Brexit in London on 16 March 2018. The first meeting took place in Brussels on 17 November.

Who are the partners, members and candidates for the EU in 2018?

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  1. Yes we need clarification, as I feel like I am in limbo at the moment, and feel like the Irish have been given something special even though I am happy for them I feel discriminated against. I live in france and am on a disability pension which I feel I will lose !!

  2. Thank you. To use an old Tesco slogan ‘Every little counts’. The 8 December is not a day to celebrate, it is the day when the true face of the UK government emerged. It is autocratic and arrogant, led by people whose competence grows more questionable by the day. What is apparent, is that they are the puppets of a media that is mostly avaricious and mendacious, controlled by the most wealthy minority who clearly dislike institutionsthat provide and protect democracy that challenges their hegemony and a cabal of people who are nostalgic for a UK that had an empire on which the sun never set that can never be revived, whatever they think. They are an uncaring government who have turned their backs on increasing poverty, xenophobia and so many other social and economic conditions, prejudices and states of being that are nurtured by a health service that is dying because they want it dead to sell to the highest bidder, care for all ages and conditions where needed also failing, education in tatters and now pandering to a fanatical minority political party with views 30 years behind the rest of the UK who together have now the responsibility for a so-called agreement that is pure betrayal of the people your statement refers to. They wish to leave a European Union that has maintained a peace that is an historic precedent on our continent, they also wish to renege any reponsibility for people who they have decided are not ‘theirs’. That came a day after Martin Schulz of the SPD in Germany called for a federal Europe by 2025. That is visionary but as he sees it very unlikely, however those governing the UK want the oppositive into a void where people will suffer because they seek to regain and live in a past rather than a future. So, thank you for the joint statement which is one more link in the chain of the many groups, organisations and individuals who want something better than what we were ‘given’.

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