Actions speak louder than words

Regarding the latest developments in the UK with the House of Commons voting for Theresa May’s Brexit bill and her ridiculous white paper she presented this week, looking at my calendar and stating that it is already February and the date for triggering Article 50 is approaching, I start asking myself: Where are the British Europeans and what are they doing?

A good start but nothing followed

I am a German European and I am still shocked about the referendum result in June last year. It was a wakeup call for me and a lot of other people to become active. I was very happy to see a big anti Brexit march in the UK taking place and a lot of Facebook groups and pages popping up to fight against the result immediately.

I watched a lady like Gina Miller who like many others setting up a case against the horrendous attempt of the British Government to ignore the sovereignty of the British Parliament and I cheered when she won this case. I read about the plans of the European citizens in UK to arrange a general strike in February to show how important they are for the British economy.
I saw several little local groups doing pro-EU campaigns in some towns at the weekends and that some activists put up European flags at the Night of the Proms. There was songs, a radio program and some other actions like posters and pamphlets. I saw March for Europe planning the next March for September.

So far, so good – Some people became active and did actually something.


Where are the rest of you guys and what are you actually doing to stop Brexit?

I am member of a lot of Remain groups on Facebook and I see every day, rants, complaints and new petitions popping up there. Some are writing letters to their MP’s. What I don’t see are people on the streets every day or at least every weekend. What I don’t see are people on strike, blocking the House of Commons. What I don’t see is a general strike of the 48 per cent that voted remain.

Meanwhile we had several events like that all across other European countries where people are protesting against stupid, threatening proposals of their governments.

In Poland the women went on strike against a proposal to amend the abortion law and they took to the streets all over the country. A lot of other countries showed their solidarity by joining the action   and it was a complete success.

In Hungary, people were protesting against Prime Minister Orban and his restrictive politics against freedom of speech and human rights. And in Romania people are on the streets right now since the middle of January to protest against a new law which would protect corrupt politicians.

There is also a new movement called  Pulse of Europe which originated in Germany and is expanding across Europe as I write with  meetings at every Sunday at 14 :00 in several cities of the country and up from next week in Amsterdam, Netherlands too. It is expected that there will be a meeting in Paris, France over the next few weeks.


Where are you British Europeans?

What are you waiting for?  Why are you not on the streets? Why are you not protesting for Europe and against the Government? Where is the general strike?

We want you to stay with us but you need to fight for it or all hope is lost. Leave your Facebook groups and your comfort zones and start doing something or you and your children will live isolated on an island with xenophobic Tories running an island, minus Scotland and possibly Northern Ireland into the ground with no one able to stop them.

The Germans took the streets on a weekly basis when we wanted the Berlin wall to fall and in the communist states of Czechoslovakia and Poland, people faced down  tanks in the streets to achieve their freedom.


There is a long tradition of protesting in Europe and it works. Some of you had a rally outside of Downing Street No 10 yesterday. Great to see that!

Some are planning a March in March the 25th but this will be too late.
You need to do it now!

And not only some of you – it has to be many more.
We need all of you on the streets protesting and doing something.

We can’t help you if you can’t help yourself.

Martina Brinkman
German businesswoman who studied political science, history and economy in Trier. Co Founder of Europa United.

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    1. Have you seen what the tabloids do to MPs and ordinary people? Can you imagine what it would be like if a march were organized?

    2. Martina, I am a Scots European who lives in France, my family are Swiss. I am in the position to be active within the range of possibilities available to me, indeed I am what the French call a ‘soixante-huitard’, a sixty-eighter, but in my case the way I thought aged 20 back then has not changed. If anything I am more radical than even then. Most other people are not that way. There is an old English idiom ‘I’m alright Jack’ which speaks for many people until the worst of something bad actually hangs over their heads like Damocles’ sword. Then and usually only then will they speak out, often only to ask for help. I fear the time and spirit for protest in the UK is long over and replaced, or perhaps displaced, by a blend of complacency and fear of being caught doing what they are not supposed to be doing. Whilst we hear much about the 48%, we see little of them. That alarms me because it looks like surrender when only one battle in a longer war is lost. That May can talk in terms of 65 million people now being effectively behind her and that they can accept that lie is alone reason enough for every single person who does not want what she is going to deliver to go out on the streets, to strike, to be disruptive in any possible way. But no. The one important truth is that there is no leadership, no people with the skills and will to lead and bring people out. That is a big difference between the people you would like to see active and who they really are.

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